Friday, 31 December 2010

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Thursday, 15 July 2010

The New Chilean Psychedelic Underground

Believe it or not all these bands are from Santiago- had no idea Spacemen 3 were so loved there

The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane- S/T lp on pastabase Permanent Records in Chicago have copies. Chilled out stoned jamming very much in a Spacemen 3/BJM Satanic Majesties 2nd Request.

Brossroad by WATCH OUT!

Watch Out!- Wow these Jams take in all your favourites like a cross between Spacemen 3/Velvets and Can (thinking Butterfly with that organ) fantastic stuff.

IV, III, II, I (fragmento) by Föllakzoid

Follakzoid claim to be Chile's only Krautrock band would have no idea if thats true but who cares when its this good.

cindys jam by LA BANDA'S

La Banda are from what i can gather the catalyst for a lot of these bands. Also check out La Hell Gang,Acid Call,Holy Drug Couple....
Think i need a holiday to Santiago

Monday, 12 July 2010

Sri Aurobindo "Find The Door" Live @ Metro Gallery 06/11/10 Baltimore, MD

Always nice to find some new psych sounds (well new to me turns out Sri Aurobindo have been on the go since 2007) These hit the sweet spot. They have a new lp out in the next few weeks on friends records. I have heard and say buy it while you can (ltd to 500) Here are a couple of links to some live downloads
G Spot 29th Jan 2010
Aural States Fest 30th Jan 2009

Friday, 2 July 2010

The Notorious Hi Fi Killers Old School Studios 15th March 2008

What more could you ask for,its fair to say the band name better describes the music than i could. This is a real head pounding live radio session love it.Think a few of these cuts were on the New Spirituals lp they released.Still have not got to see these boys live which rankles as they have played Leeds quite a few times and they sound fucking great
To the everlasting YEAH...Here

Monday, 28 June 2010

The Cult Of Dom Keller

Just to let anyone know the debut release by these psychedelic acid fried mothers is now available here. Fuck I really like this lot an awful lot.
This is just a download release but there album should be released sometime over the summertime.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

White Hills Manchester Ruby Lounge 7th March 2010

Cold cold night in Manchester but was very glad i made the journey. Just got there in time to catch Mugstar (i'll post that one later though a cock up meant i didnt record the 1st few mins of there set). White Hills hit the stage with Dave W in full face paint and Ego in spandex and a perspex bass, No Kid Millions on drums and you gotta fell sorry for anybody trying to reproduce what he does but the stand in did a fine job. Real pummeling set Dave W throwing all the guitar moves which normally i would think was proper posing but he manages to pull it off.-Egos vocals were lost on the 1st song dead ended on the very Heads like psych out of Piece Of Mind. Fantastic set from start to finish wish they could have played longer-cannot wait to catch these again they will blow you mind!!
Download Here

Also there is a couple of real fantastic live sets from WFMU both are more than worth your time
2007 here 2010 here

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Broadcast Vancouver Richard's On Richards 30th October 2003

Broadcast are just such a fantastic band and live they blow most bands away. This is from the Ha Ha Tour and its a fantastic mix of there retro pop tunes along with some fantastic psych/kraut wig outs. Saw them on the Pendulum tour from a few months earlier when they played in Manchester. Played in almost near darkness with proper psych visuals seem to remember lots of planets etc Trish Keenan giving off that Nico vibe (they played a cover of 60/40). One thing i love about this band is how they wig out there songs way past there normal lengths, some almost going into Hawkwind territory (thats a compliment). A few months later they played Leeds Cockpit on part of there Ha Ha Sound tour opened with Pendulum with its very Silver Apples vibe very psych ..Along with the Manchester gig one of thee best live bands i've ever seen pretty much perfection. Cannot remember where i grabbed this from good soundboard with the band sounding nice in the mix (ive got one or 2 others where there way too low in the mix and this is a proper psych band that dont need to be buried behind trish's vocals) Ha Ha Sound rates as one of my favourite albums + you need the Pendulum ep that features still feels like tears (Well you need all there stuff of course) Big thanks to one Des Whyte for opening my eyes to the magic of this band all them years ago.
Download here

Friday, 18 June 2010

Clinic Leeds Brudenell 11th April 2008

Clinic what a fantastic band so under rated and another band that you need to hear live. This was from the "Do It" tour where Clinic played the album in set list order and then played an archive set as well. As much as I love there albums, live it just really hits you- that twangy fuzz surf/psych Elevators guitar sound while the Drums with a Beefheart rhythm really pound you and that sister ray dirge like keys decimate everything Perfection. Resplendent in Hawaiian shirts and surgical masks this was a fantastic gig to a packed crowd

Download here
Loads of Clinic live photos here

Monday, 14 June 2010

Darker My Love Leeds Nation Of Shopkeepers 13th June 2010

Earlier this year heard a great album -White Fence on Woodsist(well the lp came out first on make a mess) really honing that 66/67 vibe loved it.Anyways turns out that White Fence is one Tim Presley who also plays in Darker My Love a group id never really given the time of day. A few weeks ago i heard there cover of the elevators "she lives in a time of her own" which was fairly rocking and went down well with me, followed by an early preview of there new album which I think is real real good. Rocking a definite Moby Grape Byrds laid back groove its called "Alive as you are" out next month perfect for July I reckon. Well not many people about on a pretty miserable Sunday night from a selfish point of view it was almost like a private gig. Hats off to the band for rising to the occasion and not spitting their dummies out cos i probably would have. The songs come over real well i think 1st one 18th Street really hitting the spot straight off and closing with a really sweet cover of Hey Grandma

Photos from the gig here (big thanks to Chris or Neil?? hope you find this)
Download here

Friday, 11 June 2010

Loop Camden Black Horse 3rd May 1987

Well don't mind admitting it took me a long time to get into Loop. Didn't like the vocals didn't like the production on Heavens End. But the 12"'s (Head On & Spinning) were a different matter totally sublime both be pretty near damn perfect, super sleeves as well esp Spinning. Well this is a pretty early recording earliest Ive got anyway and the sound quality for some may not be quadraphonic but thats not what i care about in live bootlegs-think of this as more historical! Think Loop were a 3 piece at this point but they make more than enough noise, still very much in awe of Spacemen 3which is no bad thing). Only 20+ mins but there's not a lot of 87 Loop out there.
Big thanks to Mark who loaned me this tape and to Nidge who digitized it. No idea of generations etc
Download here

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Wooden Shjips Tilburg 013 16th July 08

Well was lucky enough to hitch a ride for a couple of dates of this mind expanding double header. Tilburg looked a good place never heard of it due to my geography been based on football teams. Very good smoke shop according to those that know a good few hours spent relaxing in the grass house. Venue 013 best venue I've seen sounds fantastic just what you need when you have 2 bands that like to play it to the max.Wooden Shjips played 1st. god that phase/fuzz wah is just a heavenly sound that has me drooling- very loop. Real nice long set esp as the previous night both The Heads and The Shjips had to play truncated sets so the Buttholes School Of Fucking Very Posh Kids could play (at the Melkweg the Buttholes and there school of rock were added) christ im sure there all lovely kids and that but it really pissed me off, load of dogs bollocks that it was. Lucky for me the Tilburg show more than made up for it. What a night this was so sit back and enjoy it
Great set of photos here from the gig

The Heads - KRT 5-1 (live 6th Dec 2001)

Whooa when something this good turns up you cannot ignore. As i sit and listen to this vintage recording of The Heads in full on psych out mode I think music does not get any better than this. Don't want to steal Rockets thunder so heres a link to the blog of a 41 minute psych out of K.R.T 5-1 /Spliff Riff. Big big thanks to Johnny 'O' for finding this in the archives and if there's any more....

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Endless Boogie Primavera 29th May 2010 WFMU

Ok this is a cheat but it sounds so good i thought i would put it up on here. Endless Boogie- was lucky enough to pick up one of the two 12" (black one) which i liked but focus level just didn't hit the spot for me (but after listening to this set i need to go back and re investigate) Nice to hear a soundman/recording engineer who knows what there doing the geetar sounds really sweet especially when the wah pedal gets stepped on. Two songs, 1st one after 6 mins changes and sounds like revolution been played by some late 60's hard rock band (thinking Edgar Broughton Wasa Wasa here) and if that doesn't put you off... listening on the headphones now, its fucking sweet. This is just a recorded stream of the WFMU broadcast of the primavera festival from last weekend so big thanks to WFMU for capturing it(dont be put off by that it doesnt sound at all like a stream). Only 27 mins long but its real nice. New album in July i'm guessing it will be on No Quarter. Wow another record to look forward to in a great year so far
download here
Endless Boogie Primavera

Monday, 7 June 2010

Sun Araw Salford Islington Mill 17th June 09

Love this venue just has a great feel about it very ramshackle and all.Had been lucky enough to cotton onto Magic Lantern fairly early and then heard about this side project from the guitar player called Sun Araw.The Phynx wasn't so much my thing but the next release Boat Trip was very much my thing quickly followed by Beach Head which features the perfection that is Horse Steppin.Was lucky enough to pick up the Heavy Deeds on nice marble esq vinyl as well. Sweaty June night Gnod had already played a nice steller opener and i was in the perfect mood for Sun Araw. Bonus points for the Spacemen 3 shirt that was being worn by one of the band. Played with backing tracks on a cassette tape for that nice fucked up sound.4 songs including a Neil Young cover. Only downer was it was way way late and i couldnt stay for pocahaunted (sorry Nidge)
Here is the link last one till the weekend now!
New Link learning as i go here
Sun Araw Islington Mill

The Heads Bristol Croft 9th October 09

Well the whole reason i got into taping was because of these masters of all things psych/kraut.This was a great warm up for the Mudhoney supports they did.Real brain crushing set in front of an appreciative Bristol crowd -about 15 mins longer than the koko set from a few days later and a bit more tripped out in my humble opinion.Well well worth making the 420 mile round trip. Still the best live band i have ever seen and for that i feel incredible lucky. A Relaxing with the heads 2cd reissue should be with us soon (26th July last i heard) 2cds full of outtakes b sides sessions and other unreleased goodies cannot wait.
Quick thanks for the great picture above think Johnny O Rocket snapped this at the Rocket 10th Anniversary gig from a few years ago check his myspace page for some real psych artwork and more pictures, and of course he is part of the best record label in the UK Rocket Recordings
Here is the download Enjoy

The Heads Bristol Croft

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Thee Oh Sees Leeds Brudenell 4th June 2010

What a gig, came out of this one with a massive massive grin on my face. Total garage/psych/kraut even in my book- space echo yes sir -burns 12 string yeah-nice freak outs perfect. These were seriously that good had to bite my lip to stop myself singing along.Mark you missed a real good one! Strange one this as it was in the games room sorta worried that it may not sound as good as the main room but the soundman knew what he was doing. Gutted there were no Warm Slime vinyl to pick up and a bit annoyed that the clinic gig fell on the same night in Sheffield but ill be able to see them later in the year im sure.
Heres a link to some excellent photos from the night (the picture above is by Bart Pettman)
Brudenell Photos (yeah i can see myself on one of the crowd shots back wall just see my yellow sf sorrow tshirt!!!)

and a really good set from the Bell House from WFMU free music archive
Here is the download link -feel free to share etc
Thee Oh Sees Live Brudenell

Also i was told the news about a friend of a very good friend who passed away this weekend this 1st post is dedicated to Andy Gillett


Just a place to share some live recordings-some recorded by me + some favourites from others.Lucky for me i live in Leeds which has a venue called the Brudenell one of the few venues where bands actually sound like they should ie loud and clear rather than most venues which just sound like total dog shit. Im anal about my music-cannot go to a gig just for the sake of it, its gotta be a band i really like esp since quite often i am on my own...
Big thanks to one Nige Ince provider of many many great live recordings and help when i was buying my recorder & mic a few years ago (ebay bargin).Also to Mark who has accompanied me to many a fine gig and made any stretch of driving wiz by. Always loved live recordings love the energy/vibrations they give off. So on here expect to find Spacemen 3 The Heads Wooden Shjips Clinic etc etc Dont get to that many gigs (last year 6!) but like i say i cannot stand and watch a band half hardheartedly ive got to be into it otherwise whats the point
So first up