Friday, 31 December 2010

Optical Sounds #1 Available To Buy

The Heads 9 page article+interview
Interviews with
Cave , Serpentina Satelite , Sylvester Anfang II , Sri Aurobindo , The Cult Of Dom Keller
Articles On
Spacemen 3, The Perth County Conspiracy, Blue Cheer, Plasticland, Peter Jones of The Cosmic Psychos + Reviews
ONLY  13 LEFT  (1st March 2011)
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Wild3r "Always Dreaming" )))) said...

Cool man!
I think you will enjoy these bands from Perú.. they love The Darkside, Alpha Stone, EAR, et. al.
a web from UK wrote about us recently:

the first of us was HIPNOASCENSIÓN , the play since the early 90's

Best Regards,


Mirror Mirror said...

I am so in! Thanks!

John said...

If you still know how to get hold of Peter Jones (Cosmic Psychos), please let him know there is a rare clip of him performing Crazy Woman live in Frankfurt, Germany on their 1989 tour. I've never see any other live footage with the original lineup.