Saturday, 19 June 2010

Broadcast Vancouver Richard's On Richards 30th October 2003

Broadcast are just such a fantastic band and live they blow most bands away. This is from the Ha Ha Tour and its a fantastic mix of there retro pop tunes along with some fantastic psych/kraut wig outs. Saw them on the Pendulum tour from a few months earlier when they played in Manchester. Played in almost near darkness with proper psych visuals seem to remember lots of planets etc Trish Keenan giving off that Nico vibe (they played a cover of 60/40). One thing i love about this band is how they wig out there songs way past there normal lengths, some almost going into Hawkwind territory (thats a compliment). A few months later they played Leeds Cockpit on part of there Ha Ha Sound tour opened with Pendulum with its very Silver Apples vibe very psych ..Along with the Manchester gig one of thee best live bands i've ever seen pretty much perfection. Cannot remember where i grabbed this from good soundboard with the band sounding nice in the mix (ive got one or 2 others where there way too low in the mix and this is a proper psych band that dont need to be buried behind trish's vocals) Ha Ha Sound rates as one of my favourite albums + you need the Pendulum ep that features still feels like tears (Well you need all there stuff of course) Big thanks to one Des Whyte for opening my eyes to the magic of this band all them years ago.
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