Saturday, 26 June 2010

White Hills Manchester Ruby Lounge 7th March 2010

Cold cold night in Manchester but was very glad i made the journey. Just got there in time to catch Mugstar (i'll post that one later though a cock up meant i didnt record the 1st few mins of there set). White Hills hit the stage with Dave W in full face paint and Ego in spandex and a perspex bass, No Kid Millions on drums and you gotta fell sorry for anybody trying to reproduce what he does but the stand in did a fine job. Real pummeling set Dave W throwing all the guitar moves which normally i would think was proper posing but he manages to pull it off.-Egos vocals were lost on the 1st song dead ended on the very Heads like psych out of Piece Of Mind. Fantastic set from start to finish wish they could have played longer-cannot wait to catch these again they will blow you mind!!
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Also there is a couple of real fantastic live sets from WFMU both are more than worth your time
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