Friday, 18 June 2010

Clinic Leeds Brudenell 11th April 2008

Clinic what a fantastic band so under rated and another band that you need to hear live. This was from the "Do It" tour where Clinic played the album in set list order and then played an archive set as well. As much as I love there albums, live it just really hits you- that twangy fuzz surf/psych Elevators guitar sound while the Drums with a Beefheart rhythm really pound you and that sister ray dirge like keys decimate everything Perfection. Resplendent in Hawaiian shirts and surgical masks this was a fantastic gig to a packed crowd

Download here
Loads of Clinic live photos here

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Anonymous said...

Cool, man. I saw them on this tour, too. They're a great live band. I like the Do It! album a lot, too.