Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Endless Boogie Primavera 29th May 2010 WFMU

Ok this is a cheat but it sounds so good i thought i would put it up on here. Endless Boogie- was lucky enough to pick up one of the two 12" (black one) which i liked but focus level just didn't hit the spot for me (but after listening to this set i need to go back and re investigate) Nice to hear a soundman/recording engineer who knows what there doing the geetar sounds really sweet especially when the wah pedal gets stepped on. Two songs, 1st one after 6 mins changes and sounds like revolution been played by some late 60's hard rock band (thinking Edgar Broughton Wasa Wasa here) and if that doesn't put you off... listening on the headphones now, its fucking sweet. This is just a recorded stream of the WFMU broadcast of the primavera festival from last weekend so big thanks to WFMU for capturing it(dont be put off by that it doesnt sound at all like a stream). Only 27 mins long but its real nice. New album in July i'm guessing it will be on No Quarter. Wow another record to look forward to in a great year so far
download here
Endless Boogie Primavera

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