Sunday, 6 June 2010


Just a place to share some live recordings-some recorded by me + some favourites from others.Lucky for me i live in Leeds which has a venue called the Brudenell one of the few venues where bands actually sound like they should ie loud and clear rather than most venues which just sound like total dog shit. Im anal about my music-cannot go to a gig just for the sake of it, its gotta be a band i really like esp since quite often i am on my own...
Big thanks to one Nige Ince provider of many many great live recordings and help when i was buying my recorder & mic a few years ago (ebay bargin).Also to Mark who has accompanied me to many a fine gig and made any stretch of driving wiz by. Always loved live recordings love the energy/vibrations they give off. So on here expect to find Spacemen 3 The Heads Wooden Shjips Clinic etc etc Dont get to that many gigs (last year 6!) but like i say i cannot stand and watch a band half hardheartedly ive got to be into it otherwise whats the point
So first up

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