Friday, 11 June 2010

Loop Camden Black Horse 3rd May 1987

Well don't mind admitting it took me a long time to get into Loop. Didn't like the vocals didn't like the production on Heavens End. But the 12"'s (Head On & Spinning) were a different matter totally sublime both be pretty near damn perfect, super sleeves as well esp Spinning. Well this is a pretty early recording earliest Ive got anyway and the sound quality for some may not be quadraphonic but thats not what i care about in live bootlegs-think of this as more historical! Think Loop were a 3 piece at this point but they make more than enough noise, still very much in awe of Spacemen 3which is no bad thing). Only 20+ mins but there's not a lot of 87 Loop out there.
Big thanks to Mark who loaned me this tape and to Nidge who digitized it. No idea of generations etc
Download here

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