Monday, 14 June 2010

Darker My Love Leeds Nation Of Shopkeepers 13th June 2010

Earlier this year heard a great album -White Fence on Woodsist(well the lp came out first on make a mess) really honing that 66/67 vibe loved it.Anyways turns out that White Fence is one Tim Presley who also plays in Darker My Love a group id never really given the time of day. A few weeks ago i heard there cover of the elevators "she lives in a time of her own" which was fairly rocking and went down well with me, followed by an early preview of there new album which I think is real real good. Rocking a definite Moby Grape Byrds laid back groove its called "Alive as you are" out next month perfect for July I reckon. Well not many people about on a pretty miserable Sunday night from a selfish point of view it was almost like a private gig. Hats off to the band for rising to the occasion and not spitting their dummies out cos i probably would have. The songs come over real well i think 1st one 18th Street really hitting the spot straight off and closing with a really sweet cover of Hey Grandma

Photos from the gig here (big thanks to Chris or Neil?? hope you find this)
Download here

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